The Unpleasant Truth About Australian Banking

Ruined by Commonwealth Bank

Neil Hermes Story My name is Neil Hermes. This is my story relating to the bank’s misconduct and its devasting effects to my family and life. In 2007, I signed a loan contract with Bankwest in order to purchase a tourism property at Jervis Bay on the south coast of NSW. This was an important […]

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CBA Killing Farming Business

Craig Perry Story My name is Craig Perry. This is my story, my worst experience with one of the leading banks in Australia for ages. I was cheated by the bank since we accepted the bank’s first offer for our loan facilities. In 2010, my family signed a loan contract with Commonwealth Bank at Swan […]

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CBA – Unconscionable Lender

John Wharton Story My name is John Wharton. I would like to tell you about my experience with my lenders, which committed one of Australia’s greatest crimes. I was a Councilor in 1991, before being appointed Mayor of Richmond in 1997. At that time, I was managing my family’s farming business with my wife. In […]

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CBA’s Deceitful Code & Conduct

Michael Murphy & Tracey Moore’s Story Prior to 2008, I was living at Mount Newman (“Newman”), and Tracey was living in Perth. We wanted to purchase a home in Perth for our future. We discussed this with Commonwealth Bank, and it loaned us funds to purchase an investment property at Newman. This made sense because […]

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CBA Sells, Won’t Pay Damages

Selwyn Krepp’s story   My name is Selwyn Krepp and I have been trying to resolve disputes with Commonwealth Bank. This has proved difficult. In 2009, I had two investment properties in Queensland, units located at Cairns and a house nearby. Both investments were in good condition and the Bank required me to use them […]

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