The Unpleasant Truth About Australian Banking

Australia is Bankster’s Paradise

Archer Field’s Story In 1990, a 99-year lease of Caves House was granted to Jenolan Caves Resort Pty Ltd (JCR), and subsequently, Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust (the Trust) Board was set up by an earlier Liberal Government. Silkbard Pty Ltd (later renamed JCR) and the Trust were members of a Public Private Partnership (“the PPP”). […]

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Cheated by NSW Government

JMA’s Story In 2005, the Jenolan Caves House lessee experienced financial difficulty following a decision by the government to not reappoint the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust (the Trust) Board. It meant the government breached the National Park and Wildlife Act; it was in breach of the Services Agreement. At the same time, St George Bank […]

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Genner’s Predatory Westpac loan

My name is Paul Nielsen, and I would like to tell you a story about Ann Genner, who I met a few years ago. Ann arrived in Australia from Berlin with her mother shortly after the end of the Second World War. Her story is particularly disturbing: she was cheated by her bank and its […]

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