The Unpleasant Truth About Australian Banking

Suncorp, McLoughlin, and Crimes

Jim Davidson’s Story   My name is William James Davidson and I arrived in Australia when I was 46 years old. I wanted to set up a family business. I was operating as a sole trader prior to 2008. In May, I set up the Far North Queensland Cattle Company Pty Ltd ACN 131 125 […]

CBA Sells, Won’t Pay Damages

Selwyn Krepp’s story   My name is Selwyn Krepp and I have been trying to resolve disputes with Commonwealth Bank. This has proved difficult. In 2009, I had two investment properties in Queensland, units located at Cairns and a house nearby. Both investments were in good condition and the Bank required me to use them […]

Genner’s Predatory Westpac loan

Background Ms. Genner retained a house at [redacted] Rd [redacted] Region that was part of her divorce settlement in 1990. In 2001, Ms. Genner still owned the house and had accumulated nearly $3 million in debt held the house mortgage. Her earnings at that time were $30,000 per annum, but the house had been valued […]

Suncorp Bank and its Criminals

Ron Feierabend’s story   I am a farmer, and, by God’s good grace, I am a descendant of a family from Germany who for generations, have been solid reliable farmers.  Our history stretches back to the 1500s and, in the latter years, we had come to Australia to continue our agricultural heritage on the vast […]


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